Dialysis is Not Much Fun at All

I have been on dialysis for a long time now, longer than I really care to think about. It is really not much fun. I get up around a quarter to six in the morning, then I go in there and spend four hours hooked up to a machine that does the work your kidneys should do. That means the machine cleans your blood and removes the fluid that should be lost through urination. I have been looking for a solution to my cramping issues, and I was hoping that the Soma pill might be a good fix for that issue, but it seems that the doctor is less enthused for some reason or another. At any rate it does what I need, supposedly helping to fix your issues with stiffness and pain from cramping. However it does not seem to be a solution for me, apparently because of my kidneys. At any rate I have to be more disciplined I suppose.

In my case that means that I need to be disciplined enough to keep my fluid input at a level that is not really so difficult for me to deal with. On the week days that is not so hard really, but on the weekend that is a big struggle. The machine pulls off the excess liquid, because you would literally drown in it if you did not remove it before there was too much. I need to have a goal of 3600 or less in what they call UF or ultra filtration. Anything more than that is going to usually end badly for me. That means that you can only intake around three liters of fluid, which is not just stuff that you drink. In fact a steak is really not more than thirty percent non liquid I believe.

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